Atomos Samurai and Ninja Updates Released

Continuing to improve the functionality and feature set of the Ninja and Samurai recorders is a major priority for the Atomos Team. Details of new features and updates are here.

Samurai new features:

  • Serial remote control and monitoring of Samurai recording functions via LANC interface. This is in addition to the existing LANC function. Contact support for serial remote control specification and documentation.
  • Added touchscreen locking. Use the power button to enable and disable touchscreen locking.
  • Improved handling of SDI inputs with glitches/jitter/other instabilities. This addresses problems with green/blue/pink video in recordings.
  • SDI start/stop flag record triggering. Added a control to configure SDI start/stop flag triggering for cameras that support SDI start/stop flags. For cameras that do not support SDI start/stop flags or to prevent false triggering use this control to disable this function.
Ninja new features:
  • Record indicators added to the monitor page - 'Rec' icon plus horizontal red lines on the top and bottom of the monitor indicate that the unit is recording.
  • New file picker - the scene/shot/take picker has been replaced by a file browser. The unit will stay in playback mode when a HDD/SSD is removed.
  • Fixed incorrect drop frame timecode indication during playback for 1080p movies.
  • Fixed incorrect 60fps drop frame timecode indication.