New Firmware Version for Sony PMW-F3

V1.4 update for the PMW-F3 is now available to download from: EX Software/PMW-F3/V1,40

This update makes the following new features available to users of this popular Super35mm camcorder:

  • S-Log Gamma available in Picture Profile.
  • Improved security level of SxS software key.
  • Power Zoom Tele/Wide control can be assigned to ASSIGN1/2.
  • Power Zoom Max/Min range control.
  • Synchro REC function with SR-R1.
  • 422 1080p S&Q recording up to 59.94p with SR-R1.
  • Support for new RM-B170 remote.
  • Support for new XQD media adapter.

CBK-RGB01 Now Included Free

We are also pleased to confirm that the S-Log/RGB option (CBKRGB01) will be supplied free of charge with the PMW-F3K and PMW-F3L on an ongoing basis. This will not be bundled in the camera carton, but must be ordered at $0 with each camera and will be supplied as a separate item. Dealers with any existing camera stock on hand should contact their Account Manager to arrange supply of the option.

Inclusion of the S-Log/RGB 444 output feature as part of the basic package further enhances the extraordinary value offered by the PMW-F3. This camera continues to build a solid reputation for image quality and performance – borne out by its outstanding showing in the Zacuto “Revenge of the Great Camera Shootout 2012” camera tests screened recently in Australia and NZ - - where many ranked it amongst the top three performers.