Sneak Peak at Adobes HEVC encode vs H.264

Jon Barrie from Adobe, just released some comparison test shots, for the soon to come HEVC codec Vs traditional H.264 exports for Adobe

Even at 1Mbps Vs up to 6Mbps HEVC leaves it dead! This is a BMP original still from the timeline

Another HEVC sample showing the huge increase in quality and drop in datarate. #AdobePremiere roping in the detail!

Release date for this is yet to be confirmed, but looking amazing!

About Jon Barrie

"AKA: JB" - Jon began his role as Pro Video Solutions Consultant at Adobe Systems Australia & New Zealand in 2011. Bringing 13+ years of Professional Video Production Experience & a few years as a Guest Lecturer in Melbourne.

Applying "real-world" experience and staying connected to the industry led to the launch of the Facebook based "Adobe Pro Video User Group" cities across Australia and NZ in 2014. The local production community quickly used the space to share insights, support each other and run networking and info events.

Jon shares insights,tips and resources on Adobe eSeminars and social.