Autodesk Flame for Mac is here!

This is exciting news, Flame on the Mac, scalable pricing, the ability for customers to source their own hardware and the ability to get started with Flare or Flame Assist without having to own a Flame are all things customers have wanted for a while. Autodesk is now giving customers what they have asked for.

Desktop Subscription for Autodesk Flame.

Autodesk have launched a new Creative Finishing offering, Desktop Subscription for Autodesk Flame (a new rental license option open for anyone to purchase).

Flame on the Mac is now available.

This has been perhaps the Post Production industry’s most speculated upon and anticipated product.

Autodesk are listening

Autodesk has been gathering feedback from all customers and these changes are a direct response to that feedback – feedback about pricing, about greater flexibility in hardware configurations and about greater flexibility in how they purchase.

This is the future for Flame.

As technology changes, and as the media and entertainment industry evolves, Autodesk has embarked on a strategy to lead the charge. Autodesk are making sure Flame is at the forefront of this revolution.

But the best things haven’t changed.

Autodesk will still continue to focus on keeping Flame the top high-end finishing tool that it is, and to deliver high quality support just as it has done in the past.

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