Autodesk Flame 2015 Extension 2

Autodesk Flame 2015 Extension 2 is now released.

This exciting extension release adds many new enhancements including;
* Planar tracker
* ProRes export
* Recursive BFX levels in batch
* Easy timeline access from BFX

Autodesk Flame Extension 2 also adds the ability to run Flame Assist and Flare licences on either Linux or Mac systems.

So now you can run Autodesk Flame Assist 2015 Extension 2 and Autodesk Flare 2015 Extension 2 on HP Z420/Z820 workstations or Apple Mac systems. This gives you much greater control over the RAM, Graphics and processing capabilities of your systems and adds more stability by running on the Linux platform.

Go Here to see all the new features in action or call Stuart Barnaby @ DVT to find out more about this amazing extension release.