Reasons To Choose The New Blackmagic Teranex Mini Converter Over Standard Mini Converters

Blackmagic now have a new range of mini format converters to flesh out their already extensive range. We just thought we would take a minute to highlight some of the reasons you might want to consider the use of the Teranex Mini converters.

Use Pro Audio Gear with SDI

When you’re integrating pro audio gear such as professional mixers, effects processors, compressors or limiters, you can use Teranex Mini SDI to Audio and Teranex Mini Audio to SDI models to separate the audio from the SDI connection so it can be used by the audio equipment

Extend over Fibre to HDMI

You can now extend HDMI based sources over Fiber using the new Teranex Mini HDMI to Optical converter models for long distances between the camera and switcher.This lets you use almost any type of consumer camera for live production!

We have for some time been able to extend over fiber using Blackmagics' mini converters, but this has only has been available via SDI connectors. This meant another converter was need to convert from SDI to HDMI.

Rack Mountable & Better Cooling

With the new form factor you are now able to tidy up that cluttered desk during live production and rack mount your converters into a more organised mess.

The converters also features an innovative thermal design with cross-flow cooling that keeps them running perfectly, even when rack mounted side by side and in tough environments.When rack mounted side by side, each Teranex Mini works together to pull air through the rack keeping them all cool and providing redundancy for each converter. Traditional mini converters rely on the chaise to dissipate any heat.


The new Teranex mini now include inbuilt multi volt 90V-240V AC power supply, rather than dealing with an external power supply. Optionally you could rack your Teranex mini converters and run all units of a POE switch, reducing the amount of external power adapters or IEC AC power connector's.

Optional Front Panel

The Teranex Mini Smart Panel takes the guesswork out of using a converter! Now you can see the video going through your converter using the built in LCD screen. The panel also features push buttons and an easy to navigate on-screen menu that lets you quickly adjust and save setting.

Local or Remote Control

If you are installing a large amount of converters around a facility you can manage all Teranex Mini's over Ethernet from a Mac or Windows computer using the included Converter Utility software.

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