Gemini 4:4:4 New Firmware Release

Convergent Design announces the release of 1.0.594. We have rigorously tested this firmware and it is released ready for production use. Features include:

Two Channels of Embedded HD-SDI Audio

Greatly Enhanced Playback Control
Select one or more files for playback and/or looping based on the following metadata

  • Clip Number
  • Scene Number
  • Take Number
  • Date of Year (when the clip was recorded)
  • Start of Clip Time of Day
  • Start of Clip Timecode
  • Shooting Day
  • (Unless Play All is selected, the Last Clip Recorded is automatically selected so that “Play Last Clip” is easily accomplished)

Slate Metadata

  • Reel Number Alphanumeric
  • Scene Number Alphanumeric
  • Take Number Numeric
  • (Automatically increments for each new recording,
  • and automatically resets to 001 when the Scene Number is changed)
  • Camera Number Alphanumeric
  • Project Name Alphanumeric
  • Shooting Day Number Numeric
  • (Gemini 4:4:4 records the Clip Number, the Date, and the time for each Clip)
  • Trigger on Incrementing Timecode (if the timecode is embedded on HD-SDI)
  • Triggering on LTC timecode is not implemented at this time. Also, corrects a timecode duplication problem.

LTC Timecode Input via the Remote Control Connector
Please note that a Timecode Input cable for LTC input will be needed and the nanoFlash cables will not work.

Compatibility with CineFlex Cameras (with early firmware)

LCD Screen Flip
This does not flip the image that is recorded, as this is to allow more mounting positions for the Gemini 4:4:4.

Brightness Control
Ability to control the brightness of the LCD and LED’s.