Rotolight Anova

ANOVA Two is a bi-colour led system and is capable of accurately reproducing white light from candlelight through to full daylight and can replicate any colour of white light from around 3000K to 6300k by blending the LED's together without the need for any filters. ANOVA Two features full wired DMX control, V-Lock battery mount, WiFi and Magic Eye (Patent Pending).

Rotolight's new 'Magic Eye' allows the user for the first time to accurately 'sample' the colour of ambient light in a room and transmit that colour to the ANOVA light which will accurately reproduce it. This revolutionary technology will also enable users to remotely measure colour temperature and transmit that across the world to the studio, enabling synchronisation of colour both on location and in the studio.


  • World's First WiFi equipped light. Wirelessly control brightness, colour, system settings, and even update firmware.
  • Revolutionary 'Magic Eye' (Patent Pending) technology uses iPhone/iPad to accurately measure colour temperature, and wirelessly transmits colour settings to ANOVA.
  • Wired DMX control of all interactive parameters.
  • ANOVA EcoFlood uses 93% less energy than a standard Tungsten bulb
  • ANOVA Eco Flood delivers superwide, ultra-natural light with accurate colour.
  • Variable Colour Temperature Range = 3120K to 5680K
  • Equivalent Output 1000watt Tungsten
  • Power consumption 38watts
  • Beam Angle : Flood - 110 degrees
  • Dimensions W 335mm x H 391mm x D 85mm (w/ barn doors fitted)
  • Output (FLOOD):

1m = (2025 Lux) (5425 Lumen) (188 Footcandles)
2m = (506Lux) (5425 Lumen) (47 Footcandles)
3.6m = (156 Lux) (5425 Lumen) (15 Footcandles)