AJA FS2 Version 2.0 Software

The new upgrade adds a DVI signal scaler with region of interest (ROI) position parameters which, combined with advanced AJA scaling technology, enables the user to selectively crop from the DVI-D signal source and scale it in real-time via a live signal output on the FS2 to standard broadcast HD via 3G/HD-SDI, Fiber or HDMI. The new version will support non-broadcast digital input formats for use with the FS2's HDMI input allowing single-link DVI-D inputs from computer systems.

Version 2 software will be available as a free download at www.aja.com in October of 2012. FS2 is available from Adimex at $5709 USD RRP Inc. Also available are dual fiber options for $341 USD RRP Inc. and single fiber options for $220 USD RRP Inc, as well as Dolby E decoding for $3421 USD RRP Inc.