Sony Announce New SxS Pro+ D Series Memory Cards

Designed specifically for 4K video recording. Sony’s SBP-128D and SBP-64D cards offers ultra-fast read speed of 3.5Gbps and writes speed of 2.8Gbps for stable high frame 4K video recording contributing to an efficient 4K workflow.

Now available in a 256GB capacity. The SBP-256D card can record up to 40 minutes of 4K footage (at 60p).

This high-speed capability is due to the high spec flash memory and newly developed controller. Additionally, speed degradation is avoided thanks to intelligent functions. As a result, SxS PRO+ D also offers a guaranteed minimum writing speed of 1.3Gbps.

The SxS PRO+ D Series memory card works with the PSZ-RA6T RAID providing high-speed data transfer and the ability to store all of the action from a day’s shoot in one place. Sony’s RAID will be available in Nov 2015.

Key Features
  • Works with Sony’s new ultra-fast portable RAID storage unit
  • Pre-formatted in exFAT for quick start-up
  • 2nd Gen PCIe Interface & New Controller for high-speed data transfer
  • Max. Read Speed: 3.5Gbps (440MB/s)*
  • Max. Write Speed: 2.8Gbps (350MB/s)*
  • Min. Write Speed: 1.3Gbps
  • Clip Recreation in case of power loss
  • 10 year warranty
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