Sony @ction Magazine Issue 4 out Now

Issue 4
Sony @action Issue 4

In this issue of Sony @action:

Documenting Conflict and Crisis on the FS7” – Spencer Chumbley, an experienced journalist and filmmaker, travels to Nepal with his FS7, to document the 7.8 magnitude earthquake that devastated the region.  He describes how the camera’s ergonomics helped him get through the physically and mentally demanding shoot.  A great read on the flexibilities and capabilities of the FS7.

Going Wild with Sony’s NEX-FS700R” – Wildlife cinematographer, naturalist and conservationist Russ MacLaughlin – a self-described “digital native” – talks about super slow motion and 4K imaging with Sony’s NEX-FS700R camcorder.  The FS700R is a versatile tool for operating effectively in the field – capturing cobras spitting, lion and cheetah hunting and leopards climbing trees!

Sony, The Skateboarder Lover’s Camera Brand.  Free-styling with the FS7” – From capturing tricky shots in the field to shooting trick moves on a skateboard, Jared Prindle describes how-quality capture technology is vital to the skateboarding community.  He’s the executive director of 900 Films, which is skateboard legend Tony Hawk’s production company.

Neighborhoods of Los Angeles: On A Journey With The FS7” – Q&A with the production team at New York Film Academy and their work with the FS7 to produce a mini-documentary series about the neighborhoods of Los Angeles, creatively telling three very different stories about people and the connections to their communities.

My Experience with the Sony FE PX 28-135mm F4 G OSS Zoom Lens” – Veteran shooter Mark Forman gives a technical review of Sony’s FE PZ 28-135mm F4 G OSS Zoom Lens

The Odyssey7Q+ Unleashes the Power of the FS7 and FS700 Cameras” – Mitch Gross, Director of Communication at Convergent Design gives an update on the Odyssey7Q+ and how it can work with Sony cameras.

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