Sony OLED PVM-2541 & PVM-1741 Monitors

Sony is pleased to announce the arrival of the most cost-effective series of OLED professional monitors, the PVM-2541 and PVM-1741. The PVM-2541 and PVM-1741 are 25” and 17” models that join the previously released PVM-740 7.4" monitor. The PVM series of OLED monitors is specifically designed for highly accurate image evaluation and high quality source monitoring. The two new monitors feature built-in multi-signal input interfaces, including two SDI (3G/HD/SD-SDI) ports allowing up to 4:4:4 input through 3G, analogue composite, HDMI and audio (with stereo mini-jack) incorporated within the panel. The two monitors are both complete and ready to use 'out of the box' for an incredible price.

The PVM-xx41 series are full HD (1920 x 1080) monitors in both sizes, utilising the same OLED panels featured in the BVM-E series, with Sony proprietary technology. Combined with Sony’s superior processing capabilities, the PVM series features the most accurate, deepest black levels ever seen in monitoring. The PVM series, featuring Super Top Emission technology, produces it's full colour gamut capabilities through to the lowest luminance levels with impeccable uniformity. Sony OLED also features virtually no motion blur, far superior to LCD and even CRT technologies. The PVM-xx41 series also features substantial analysers, including waveform, audio level meters and timecode.

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