New Fujinon Cabrio ZK4.7x19BE Lens

Fujinon introduces a new 19-90 mm T2.9 lightweight PL-mout zoom lens. It's part of Fujinon's Premier line, and is called Cabrio—as in cabriolet—convertible. This is the longest range (19-90) of any lightweight zoom.
The convertible part is the quickly removable zoom handgrip. Similar to ENG/EFP servo drives, it has built-in lens motors for focus, iris, and zoom. A rocker controls the zoom.

This is daring new territory for PL mount zoom lenses with potential in handheld and documentary style shooting. The Cabrio connects with the electronic "hot shoe" contacts in the lens mounts of newer PL-mount cameras. If you're using the lens with Preston, Arri, Hedén, Servicevision, or cmotion systems, simply back off the 4 screws and detach the handgrip system. When you reattach it, the drive is self-centering. Here’s an entirely new take on lightweight PL zoom lenses and how we handle them.

Fujinon 19-90 mm T2.9 ZK4.7x19 Cabrio Zoom Lens

  • 31.5 mm Image Circle coverage
  • LDS and /i Technology lens data capable through electric contacts in the mount
  • Wireless Control enabled
  • Adjustable Back Focus, No Shims
  • Macro focus
  • 114 mm Threaded Front Diameter
  • Auto Align Digital Servo
  • 0.8 Cine gearing
  • Feet or Meter Barrel Markings
  • 9 Blade Iris
  • 200 degree Focus Rotation
  • 2.7 kg w/Servo
  • 2.2 kg w/o Servo
  • Luminous Barrel Markings
  • 16-bit Encoders for Lens Data Accuracy
  • Hot Shoe or external connection to camera for power and Run/Stop.