New Low Price on Matrox Multi Family of Four-Channel 3G SDI Cards for Mac

Matrox announced announced that the three cards in the Matrox Multi Family of SDI I/O cards are now priced at just $1495 US (€1295, £995). These products bring a high level of channel density to the Mac Pro. In a single PCIe slot, a Matrox Multi card provides up to four independent inputs or outputs with up to 16 embedded audio channels per SDI stream. User-selectable combinations of 3G, HD, SD, and Dual Link are supported.

The Matrox Multi cards are designed to let users get the most from the valuable expansion slots in a Mac Pro and eliminate the expense of multiple systems in many applications. The innovative features of the Matrox Multi cards make them the ideal choice for a variety of applications including multicamera streaming with Telestream Wirecast Pro, versatile video ingest with ToolsOnAir just:in, and HD digital video assist with In2Core QTAKE HD.

The Matrox Multi cards are supported by the Matrox Software Development Kit (SDK) for Mac.