Product Release: Avid ISIS 2000 Nearline Storage Now Shipping

With the introduction of the new ISIS® 2000 nearline storage system, Avid now offers a lower cost per Terabyte solution that perfectly complements ISIS 7000 online and ISIS 5000 online storage systems.

Nearline storage systems enable rapid access to material that doesn’t need to reside on online storage, but for which the performance and accessibility of tape archival storage is not sufficient. By extending access to larger stores of media, creative businesses can maximize workflow efficiencies, open up new creative possibilities and further monetize existing assets.

Avid Advantaged Workflows

The Avid ISIS 2000 is a workflow-connected nearline storage solution that works with Avid Interplay® to provide enterprise-wide search, browse, access and management of media.

With the addition of an ISIS 2000, a low-resolution clip can be stored in a nearline-based proxy library while the high-resolution version is archived to tape. This enables editors and production assistants to immediately browse and edit proxy footage eliminating the delay associated with retrieving the original media from tape.

The ISIS 2000 also provides an ideal solution for parking of inactive projects. Project parking enables inactive assets to be moved off online storage as well as the pre-staging of materials from tape for upcoming events.

Built for large-scale media creation environments, ISIS 2000 opens up a number of new workflows and makes more assets readily available for creative use and is backed by Avid Advantage support and professional services.

Product Highlights
·         High Density
o    Includes 80 (eighty) 3TB SAS media drives and 2 (two) hot spares
o    Provides 240TB raw (192TB usable) storage per Storage Engine
o    Lower cost per TB than ISIS 5000 or ISIS 7000 online storage system
·         Resiliency & protection
o    RAID 6 dual parity media protection configured as Eight 8+2 RAID 6 sets
o    Drives are SAS dual-connected
o    Dual power supplies, redundant cooling fans
·         Avid workflow integration
o    Interplay Production Asset Management (see Scalability Guidelines doc)
o    AirSpeed ingest and playback servers
o    Up to 100 ISIS browse clients, unlimited NAS clients
·         ISIS File System
o    Unified client for ISIS 2000, ISIS 5000 and ISIS 7000
o    ISIS admin and user tools including dynamic workspaces
o    Open access via CIFS and FTP

All ISIS 2000 systems include Avid Advantage support; either ExpertPlus with Hardware or Elite Support.