Sony Launches its First Professional SSD and HDD Portable Storage Drives

Sony is introducing 256GB SSD, 500GB HDD and 1TB HDD portable storage drives. Designed with the speed and durability necessary for safe and reliable storage, these portable storage drives are capable of transferring video via USB 3.0, allowing faster and more frequent backing-up of files. 

Shooting in the field requires reliable and high performance equipment that supports efficient workflows. Both the SSD and HDD drives are built for rugged use and allow program makers to download and back-up recordings on location. Hours of footage can be stored securely on a 256GB SSD, 500GB HDD or 

1TB HDD drive all featuring a USB3.0 port and FireWire 800 port. With speeds of up to 400MB per second for SSD and 120MB2 per second for HDD, approximately 30GB of videos can be transferred in less than 1½ minutes onto the SSD drive, meaning that everything shot during the day can be backed-up by the evening, minimising the risk of data being lost.

The PSZ-SA25 (256GB SSD), PSZ-HA50 (500GB HDD) and PSZ-HA1T (1TB HDD) drives will be available in Australia and New Zealand from September 2013.