The perfect storage for offloading your camera media is now here

PROMISE Technology, a leader in the storage industry, announced and has since started shipping, the new Pegasus2 R2+, that was named the Best Storage Device at the 2015 NAB Show by Videomaker.

The Pegasus2 R2+ is a two bay hot-swappable HDD thunderbolt array, capable of RAID 0/1. The unique capabilities of the array is its built in media bay and pods, providing a convenient solution for media transfer. The array ships with a CF/SD reader pod but can be swapped out with a 1TB HDD or SSD pods.

You are not limited to using the various pods purely with the Pegasus array, because the R2+ pods are equipped with a USB3 micro-B port, allowing you to use them independently for traveling light. When you get back to office you can just insert them back into the pod enclosure on the Pegasus array

Key Features

  • Affordable Thunderbolt™ 2 storage for consumers and prosumers with media bay and Pods for convenient data exchange
  • Pod Options: HDD Pod, SSD Reader Pod, CF/SD Reader Pod.
  • Thunderbolt™ 2 and USB 3.0 interface
  • Each Pod also has USB 3.0 for independent use
  • 6TB on 2 hot-swappable LFF HDDs configurable as RAID 0/1
If you need pricing, avaliabity or just some advice about your storage needs, do not heistate to talk to us here at DVT.